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Enabling Amazing Work to Grow

Enabling Amazing Work to Grow

By Max Dixon | April 28, 2015
Candidate for MBA and MA in Education Leadership & Policy, University of Michigan Ross School of Business

Note: Max Dixon is a member of the Ross School of Business MAP team that has been working with ETR to explore new possibilities and opportunities for our organization’s work boosting STEM education.

Working with ETR these past few weeks has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my first year at the University of Michigan. My classmates and I had the opportunity to fly out to California and visit both the Scotts Valley and Oakland ETR offices, and we immersed ourselves in ETR’s extensive offerings. 

ETR’s mission of reducing risk and improving the lives of young people manifests itself in many ways, and each employee has a strong passion for the work. We’ve focused our work on the Youth & IT Division. Visiting ongoing programming in Watsonville was the highlight of this experience for me. The enthusiasm of the students and their excitement about being engaged in technology learning made the importance of this work clear. I was impressed with the quality of teaching, the layout of the program and, most important, the passion and positivity of the students.

I’m a dual degree student who will be spending the summer at an education nonprofit. I’ve relished the opportunity to navigate the confusing, crowded and evolving ecosystem of youth development in the work I’ve been doing with ETR.

ETR has a proven track record of engaging rural Latino/Latina youth and providing opportunities and access to education programs around technology. I look forward to working with my Michigan MAP teammates to provide ETR with recommendations that will enable this amazing work to grow.

Max Dixon is a member of the University of Michigan Ross School of Business class of 2016 and will graduate with a dual MBA/MA Educational Leadership & Policy degree. He can be reached at



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