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Enabling Young People to Thrive: ETR's Program Success Framework

Enabling Young People to Thrive: ETR's Program Success Framework

By Marcia Quackenbush, MS, MFT, MCHES | March 25, 2015
Senior Editor, ETR

ETR's got a great video collection. In brief, lively clips, our staff and partners talk about the work we do—products, services and research findings. You can watch them at our home page (click on the "Videos" tab) or at the ETR YouTube channel. One of my current favorites describes ETR's Program Success Framework


This Program Success Framework is the work of a multi-disciplinary team of ETR staffers—think researchers, program developers, trainers, product development people. They brought together their considerable collective knowledge and wisdom and came up with a 5-step process that can support stronger development of youth services programs.

The team put the framework together specifically to help folks applying for funding under the Office of Adolescent Health Teen Pregnancy Prevention FOA's, but the framework's principles apply to any youth-focused program. Take a couple of minutes to watch our dynamic and articulate colleague Stephanie Guinosso tell you more.

And for those of you heading into the final week of that OAH grant-preparation process—hang in there and good luck! Let's take the field forward!

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