Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and ETR Associates Develop Adaptation Kits

ETR Associates' Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health Promotion and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Division of Reproductive Health have collaborated on the Adaptation Guidance Project to develop adaptation kits for three evidence-based pregnancy and STD/HIV prevention programs. These programs, all published by ETR Associates, include Becoming a Responsible Teen (BART), Reducing the Risk (RTR) and Safer Choices.

The adaptation kits contain practical tools and resources to guide adolescent reproductive health practitioners in making effective adaptations and maintaining fidelity to core components of each program. The adaptation kits, developed in collaboration with the curriculum developers, provide clarity on how each program was designed, the core components, and the types of adaptations considered acceptable, along with those that should be avoided. Each adaptation kit includes a variety of tools and resources including Logic Models, Core Components, Green/Yellow/Red Light Adaptations and Fidelity and Adaptation Monitoring Logs.

The adaptation kits are available as a free download at ETR Associates' Resource Center for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (ReCAPP):

For more information on the adaptation kits, please contact Regina Firpo-Triplett, Senior Program Manager with ETR's Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health Promotion, at

For more information on ETR Associates, please contact Matt McDowell, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, at, or visit

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