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For All Attendees

Who attends YTH Live Global?

YTH Live Global brings together an engaged multi-disciplinary audience of youth and adults from nearly 50 states and 45+ countries. We’ve welcomed leaders in public health, education, content development, technology, and youth advocacy. We are excited to grow our community of attendees to represent expansive backgrounds, experiences, and identities. Listed below you’ll find a list of a few of the communities that have attended in the past, but please keep in mind that this is a conference for anyone that cares about the intersection of youth, health, and technology.

  • Youth advocates
  • Technology experts
  • Health professionals
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Researchers
  • Educators
  • Government representatives
  • Nonprofit leaders
  • Developers
  • Philanthropists

Can I submit an abstract to speak at YTH Live Global this year?

We do not have an open call for abstracts this year. For YTH Live Global 2023 we’ve invited a curated list of incredible speakers to present at the conference, intentionally centering the voices of young people and ensuring that every session will incorporate youth, from our keynote to our breakouts!

How can I pay for YTH Live Global registration?

You can pay via credit card. If this presents a problem for you or your organization, please contact Betty Fuentes.

Do you offer scholarships to attend YTH Live Global?

We want to make YTH Live Global as accessible as possible. We offer special rates for students and LMIC, as well as a scholarship contest. Contact Betty Fuentes to learn more.

Which countries are included in the Low- and Middle-Income Country (LMIC) discount?

To determine if you are registering from a LMIC find your country in this list.

How will the virtual platform work?

All sessions, networking, exhibitor booths, and conference events will take place on a virtual platform. As the conference gets closer, we’ll provide more details about the specific platform and tips and tricks on how to engage.

Who can I contact about sponsorship?

Sponsorship is one of the best ways to expand the brand of your organization with youth and youth advocates globally. If you are interested in learning more, you can check out our sponsorship packet here. Contact ETR’s Event Logistics Coordinator, Betty Fuentes to get signed up today.

What if I can’t engage in real-time with the live sessions?

We recognize that many attendees have responsibilities that limit their capacity to engage in real-time. We encourage participants to join live when it is possible and welcome your engagement at any point over the two days of the conference. For the sessions attendees can’t attend in real-time, recordings will be available post-event as long as the speakers have consented to that process. Recordings will be available for approximately one month after the conference ends.

How will networking opportunities take place on a virtual platform?

Our virtual platform will provide opportunities to network with YTH Live Global participants from across the world through video networking, discussion threads, and live chat. We will offer an optional participant list through the virtual platform so participants can connect with each other after the event as well.

What accessibility accommodations do you make to support attendees?

We center accessibility at the event by utilizing a virtual event platform that offers tools to support unique learning styles and abilities, offering reduced pricing for attendees from Low-and Middle-Income countries as well as students, and providing closed captioning and transcripts throughout the event. Most importantly, we open accessibility requests to our audience and work hard to make sure those needs are met. We know that for true innovation to happen across youth, technology, and health, we need accessible space for all learners to engage. You can identify accessibility needs in the registration form once registration opens.

For Youth and Students

Will other young people be at YTH Live Global?

Yes, we have a significant youth presence at YTH Live Global. Last year, we had 122 people under the age of 25 attend. Most of the young people attending are young professionals or speakers sharing their experiences as young people. Our general audience tends to be adults working in the field, while youth serve as content experts.

How else can I participate?

Individuals, organizations, and corporations can sponsor YTH Live Global 2023 at different levels. Interested? Contact Betty Fuentes for more information.

How do you center youth voice at the event?

We care deeply about elevating young people’s voices and connecting them directly with adult professionals that can support the creation, implementation, and evaluation of technology-driven solutions to impact health equity. Youth are involved in the planning and facilitation of the event, and we compensate them for their labor. Young people are invited to be featured speakers and we consider them content experts in their own experiences. We collect feedback post-event and evolve our practices to address their concerns. Each year, we challenge ourselves to sink deeper into authentic youth engagement. We recognize that we will always have space to grow in adapting to the emerging needs of young people.

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