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The Anger Workbook for Teens

Many teens often find themselves in trouble because of anger. They react to situations and later regret how they behaved. Their anger may cause problems with other people. Between family life, friends, and the pressures of school, there's no doubt that it's stressful being a teenager. And while anger is a natural human emotion, different people handle it differently. Some hold in their anger and let it build, some lash out with hurtful words, some resort to fighting, and some just explode. If you've noticed yourself beginning to take out your frustrations on the people you love most-your parents, brothers or sisters, and friends-it may be time to make a change.

The Anger Workbook for Teens includes 37 exercises designed to show young people effective skills to help them deal with feelings of rage without losing it. By completing just one, 10-minute worksheet a day, teens will find out what's triggering their anger, look at the ways they react, and learn skills and techniques for getting anger under control. Teens will develop a personal anger profile and learn to notice the physical symptoms they feel when they become enraged, then find out how to calm those feelings and respond more sensitively to others. Once they fully understand their anger, they will be better prepared to deal with their feelings in the moment and never lose their cool.

The activities in this workbook will help young people notice things that make them angry, handle frustrating situations without getting angry, and effectively communicate their feelings. Most of all, these activities can help teens learn to change how they respond to anger. Change is not easy, but with the right frame of mind and set of skills, it can be done. This book is designed to help teens understand how both their mind and body respond to anger, how they can handle this anger constructively, and relaxation techniques for dealing with anger in a healthy way, so that they can not only control their anger, but their life as a whole.

This book is from New Harbinger Publications, which for 40 years has brought readers effective, scientifically sound self-help books that deal with a range of topics in psychology, health and personal growth. All of New Harbinger’s books are grounded in science, careful research, and a tradition of empirically validated clinical practice.

144 pages

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