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Game On! The Ultimate Sexuality Education Gaming Guide

Sexuality education professionals use a variety of strategies to facilitate learner engagement, explore attitudes, test knowledge and practice skills. Imagine a sexuality education learning environment that allows students to review and reinforce knowledge, practice skills, and engage in interpersonal communication all while playing games!

Create a fun, learning-rich environment with GAME ON! The Ultimate Sexuality Education Gaming Guide. This new teaching manual takes a holistic approach to sexuality education using game strategies to engage learners in topics such as anatomy, body image, communication, healthy relationships, puberty, contraception, safer sex, sexually transmitted infections, sexual health and more.

The format of a game can appeal to different learning styles. Games can be used as a means to motivate audience participation, determine gaps and confirm strengthes in knowledge or skills.

GAME ON! comes complete with simple step-by-step instructions to prepare and implement 20 games. It includes quick tips on using games as a teaching strategy, ideas for how to use role-play successfully, and extensive resources.  

A few of the fun and educational games include:

Something about Sexuality
Based on a popular party game, participants will examine and communicate their perspectives on a wide variety of sexuality and related issues such as intimacy, dating, love and sexual behaviors.

Healthy 7 Card Game
In this card game, participants will identify and categorize aspects of healthy and unhealthy relationships.

A So-Called Reality: Examining Conflict in Relationships
In this mock reality show, participants will role-play a situation in order to examine healthy and unhealthy interpersonal behaviors, and discuss and develop ideas to resolve conflict.

Puberty Sketchionary
In this sketch game, participants will draw and discuss the physiological and interpersonal changes that occur during puberty.

Private One: The What, Where and How of Privacy
In this card game designed for youth with special needs, participants will review aspects of privacy including places, behaviors and body parts.

Two Truths and a Lie: STI Style
Based on the popular party game, participants will examine educational material about sexually transmitted infections, distinguish between STI myths and facts, and suggest sources to get medically accurate information.

Brainium: The Sexuality Edition
In this adaptation of a party game, participants will test their sexual health knowledge and practice decision-making.

Forbidden! Words of Body Image
In this game of words, participants will communicate various aspects of body image.

Hot Potato: The Body Image Challenge
In this version of the movement game hot potato, participants will review some key facts about body image.



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