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K12T9 Title IX Strengths & Needs Assessment (Information Page Only)

ETR’s K12T9 Initiative has developed a comprehensive strengths and needs assessment protocol for K12 school districts by working closely with district administrators, Title IX Coordinators, and lawyers for the past eight years.

Developed in collaboration with district leaders, Title IX Coordinators, and attorneys, ETR’s nine-component Model of Exemplary Title IX Programs forms the foundation for our approach to Title IX program auditing, referred to as our Title IX Strengths & Needs Assessment (T9SNA).

The ETR model conceptualizes three major characteristics of effective Title IX programs: (1) appropriate infrastructure; (2) use of best practices; and (3) compliance with law, regulation, and policy/procedures.

In the infrastructure domain, our model promotes three components: full program capacity, strong policies, and fast and fair grievance procedures.

In the practices domain, our model focuses on three standards: science-based professional development; clear communication strategies; and tiered services and supports for those involved in incidents, reports, and formal complaints.

In the compliance domain, we set standards related to three practices: the use of case management software systems; rigorous evaluation; and transparent reporting.

By expanding the scope of traditional Title IX program audits, which are often focused solely on statutory compliance, ETR’s T9SNA puts students and families at the center.

T9SNA protocol provides K12 districts with deep insight into their current Title IX program status and a clear pathway for systemic improvements needed to ensure appropriate and effective practices that eliminate, prevent, and address sex- and gender-based harassment and sexual assault.

It is common for K12 districts to conduct a rigorous assessment of their Title IX program only in response to external forces, usually as part of a legal or reputational crisis. Engaging in partnership early with ETR allows your school or district to take a proactive approach – one that centers student and staff safety and well-being.

Pricing varies according to the size of the district and the scope of the assessment – schedule a free 15-minute check-in now to learn more.

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