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What is CBA?

Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) includes free services provided to CDC grantees. CBA is designed for either Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Health Departments (HDs), Communities or Consumers.

These services are intended to strengthen the impact and effectiveness of HIV services, and support HIV practitioners across the nation in aligning their services to reach the dictates of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS).

Read more about the implementation of the national HIV/AIDS strategy across the United States.


High-Impact Prevention (HIP)

HIP is one of the many methods HIV practitioners utilize to meet the goals of NHAS. High-Impact refers to activities that are targeted, cost-effective and scalable to meet the epidemiological demands of the service area. CBA programs like ours are in constant conversation with the CDC and federal partners to conceptualize how to translate this theory into practice.

Read CDC's HIP Guidance

Watch this webinar, An Overview of High Impact HIV Prevention, by The Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF)


CDC's CBA Program

CISP is one of many CBA providers. And while we excel at many things, we strongly believe in promoting the great work of our colleagues. Each CBA provider is unique and equipped to serve your CBO, HD or community in distinct ways. If you are CDC funded, either directly or through your Health Department, you have access to the entier CBA cohort. Access the links below for more information about the CBS Program.