Webinar 4 of 4: Creating New Opportunities for Community-Based HIV Prevention Services to Insured Populations

In Webinar 4, we discuss:

  • Discuss the roles that CDC grantees can play in educating health insurers about the HIV prevention system and the ways prevention providers can help to meet insurers’ contractual requirements.
  • Offer a quick review of the key steps for preparing to participate in health insurance plans.
  • Use case studies to illustrate the key steps in offering high impact HIV prevention services to insured populations.
  • Examine models of health department and CBO partnerships.
  • Describe tools to assess CBOs’ readiness for billing and reimbursement activities.
  • Identify ways that health departments can support CBO billing and payment infrastructure.

Presented on December 4, 2014.

PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

Watch the recording of the webinar below.