WEBINAR 3 of 4: Risky Business: Real Talk for Real Capacity

11 AM PT, MARCH 17, 2016

This is a live panel discussion to explore how to support strategies for working more effectively with high risk negatives. During the webinar, you will hear topic experts discuss the following: 1) Definition for High Risk Negatives (HRN) 2) Challenges working with HRN 3) Anecdotal dialogue to understand strategies to support working through HRN challenges and 4) Capacity building strategies to support program HRN work.

Panelists: Michael Terry Everett - Moderator; Dennis Obrien - Sexual Violence (Social conditions that facilitate high risk activity); Ian Scooter Haddock - PrEP (STD Risk/Living HIV Life); Timothy DuWhite - Condomless Sex ((Loneliness & Intimacy as a RISK, DRUG AND ALCOHOL USE); Donta Morrison - Stigma (HIV Campaigns); JaDawn White - Best Practice (SDH)

Watch the recording of the webinar below.