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1. Say "Yes" with Enthusiasm! Exploring Affirmative Consent

By Robin Mills, MA | April 6, 2015
Sexual Health Education Coordinator, U.C. Berkeley University Health Services Tang Center

While the term “affirmative consent” is fairly new, the concept most certainly is not.

Back in 2005, I was working at Planned Parenthood. I went to a health fair where a group called Coalition for Positive Sexuality was distributing purple mini-booklets called “Just Say Yes.” I thought, “Wow. That’s awesome. What a super positive way of thinking. I like it.”

I took a quick peek inside the booklet (since I was supposed to be working) and was hooked immediately. There it was, printed in black and white for all the world to read: messaging to young adults encouraging them to say “yes” to the sex they want, and “no” to the sex they don’t want! It was amazing!

Tags: Affirmative consent, Sexual and reproductive health, College, Health promotion, Sex education, Young adults
By Robin Mills, MA

2. “Birth Control Methods” – A New Format for Learning

By ETR | January 30, 2015

There are lots of birth control options. There’s a lot of information about each method, some of it pretty nuanced. There’s no one method that’s right for everyone.

We know this can be confusing, intimidating even, for anyone trying to make a good choice. So how do we get accurate information out there to more people?

Tags: Birth control, Pregnancy prevention, Teens, Young adults, Health education

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