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1. I'm Getting Ready for Some Youth-Centered Design to Open My Mind

By Josh Bettenhausen | March 8, 2019
Lead Technology & Marketing Officer, YTH

I’ve been working with youth-centered projects for well over a decade, both through my work at YTH and my experience as a designer. Here’s an essential point of learning from my experience: when it comes to youth, most of our assumptions are wrong. At the very least, they’re way off base, especially if we make those assumptions without getting youth directly and deeply involved in what we’re doing.

Tags: Conference, Youth-centered design, Youth empowerment, Adolescent health, Technology, Youth voice, YTH

2. Taking Off to #ythlive 2015

By Pamela Anderson, PhD | April 23, 2015
Senior Research Associate, ETR

Hi everyone! My colleagues and I are excited about the upcoming conference YTH Live: Igniting Youth Tech Health Innovation. It’s taking place this Sunday through Tuesday (April 26–28) at the Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco, and we’ve got some thought-provoking presentations on the schedule.

Ever wondered who youth are texting and what they are saying?

Tags: YTH, Blended learning, Flipped classroom, Violence prevention, Electronic dating violence, Technology
By Pamela Anderson, PhD

3. My Take: Going Intergenerational - Our Next Chapter in Leadership

By Deb Levine, MA, & Jamia Wilson, MA | February 20, 2014

We are the president and executive director of YTH (Youth+Tech+Health), an organization committed to advancing the health of youth and young adults through technology, and we’ve got a pitch for you: if you work with young people, you can improve effectiveness by sharing leadership with them.

We mean sharing leadership in a substantive way—giving over the reins for a good part of the journey. Sound impractical, or impossible, or scary? It’s not. You can take that leap.

At YTH, we’ve recently implemented a model of intergenerational leadership ourselves. We fully expect this new leadership structure to expand our opportunities, build our potential, and shape the direction of our organization into the future.

Tags: Teens, YTH, Youth voice

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