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11. Integrating Sexual Violence Prevention into Comprehensive Sexual Health Education: 3 Recommendations

By Andrea Gerber, MSEd, & Kari Kesler, MA | November 16, 2015
Public Health, Seattle & King County

The topic of sexual violence on college campuses has received much attention in the media recently. Many colleges are clamoring to implement or improve education programs in an attempt to reduce the number of rapes perpetrated on their campus.

These high-profile cases have left many people wondering if education about sexual violence prevention shouldn’t start younger, perhaps much younger. What role can sexual health education in middle and high schools play in this effort?

Tags: Violence prevention, Sexual violence prevention, Sexual and reproductive health, Sexual assault prevention

12. Affirmative Consent: Shifting the Culture

By Gina Lepore MEd | July 20, 2015
Research Associate, ETR

Yes means Yes. Yes, I want you. Yes, I want this. Yes, I want to be here. Yes, I am consciously choosing this now. Yes, I respect your boundaries. Yes, I will ask if I am in doubt. More, please!

Last September, California became the first state to pass legislation that sets a new standard for sexual consent on college campuses receiving state funding for financial aid. This legislative act followed policy changes on consent at several universities across the country. Systems have continued to adopt affirmative consent standards, including the State University of New York (SUNY) system

Although considerable progress has been made in recent years in supporting survivors of assault, the same is not true when it comes to changing attitudes and beliefs about the abusive approach to sex that causes assault in the first place.

Tags: Affirmative consent, Violence prevention, Sexual and reproductive health, College health
By Gina Lepore, MEd

13. Taking Off to #ythlive 2015

By Pamela Anderson, PhD | April 23, 2015
Senior Research Associate, ETR

Hi everyone! My colleagues and I are excited about the upcoming conference YTH Live: Igniting Youth Tech Health Innovation. It’s taking place this Sunday through Tuesday (April 26–28) at the Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco, and we’ve got some thought-provoking presentations on the schedule.

Ever wondered who youth are texting and what they are saying?

Tags: YTH, Blended learning, Flipped classroom, Violence prevention, Electronic dating violence, Technology
By Pamela Anderson, PhD

14. Say It Loud & Clear: Yes Means Yes!

By Marcia Quackenbush, MS, MFT, MCHES | March 27, 2015
Senior Editor, ETR

ETR is thrilled to be offering our new “Yes Means Yes!” poster. This upbeat, positive product tells the big-picture story of affirmative consent in a remarkably brief 51 words. The image is eye-catching, the poster is clear and the whole package really works. It gets the message out.

As a health education writer myself, I can attest to the care, time and skill that goes into this kind of work. It’s easier to write a 10,000-word book chapter than an effective 800-word pamphlet. Health education posters are even more demanding. They’re like the haiku of the field. I applaud our Product Development team for their extraordinary skill in choosing exactly the right 51 words.

Tags: New products, Sexual and reproductive health, Violence prevention, Affirmative consent
By Marcia Quackenbush, MS, MFT, MCHES

15. Video Picks - TED Bullying Playlist

By ETR | December 5, 2014

If you’re ready for some powerful and illuminating video viewing, take a look at the TED Bullying Playlist. Four speakers and one heart-lifting musical performance will give you new insights and more than a few moments of reflection.

There are lots of opportunities for student projects using these videos. Review videos before sharing with your students to be sure the content is appropriate—there are some adult themes and a couple of instances of profanity.

Tags: Bullying, Violence prevention, Teens

16. Thinking Research: Young People Need to Know About Sex Trafficking

By Pamela Anderson, PhD | October 8, 2014

How serious is the problem of adolescent sex trafficking, and what can we do about it? These are issues ETR researchers have been looking at for some time. I’ve just heard some news that gives me hope that the health and education community is moving in a good direction on these matters.

Tags: Teens, Sexual and reproductive health, Violence prevention, Human trafficking, Sex education
By Pamela Anderson, PhD

17. Video Picks - May 2014


It's video time! The power of short-form video reveals the dynamics of teen dating violence. Creativity can give you, and students, a more powerful and fulfilling life. White House Student Film Festival winners rock! 

Check out this month's collection of videos that have intrigued, delighted and challenged us.

Tags: K-12, Violence prevention, Teens

18. My Take: Adolescent Sexual Exploitation - New Keys for Prevention

By Pamela Anderson, PhD | January 15, 2014

Those of us at ETR who work in the area of sexual and reproductive health agree that healthy sexual development is an issue of human rights, and that coercion-free, violence-free relationships are essential to healthy sexuality. For over 30 years, we’ve pursued research that helps us better understand what promotes sexual health, as well as what interferes with it.

In recent years, our research has led us to bring more emphasis to the context in which sexual risk behaviors may occur among youth, particularly with respect to the importance of romantic relationships.

Tags: HIV-AIDS, Teens, Human trafficking, Sexual and reproductive health, Violence prevention

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