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1. Consent in Professional Relationships: 4 Things to Know About Serving Survivors of Sexual Assault

By Bianca Palmisano | July 25, 2017
Owner, Intimate Health Consulting

Ask before kissing your date goodnight. Don’t grope strangers on the train (I mean, really, don’t grope anyone). Don’t force your children to give hugs or kisses to family members against their will. Our culture is becoming more accustomed to conversations around consent in intimate, interpersonal relationships.

But we are still fairly unfamiliar with how to model and apply consent in professional relationships. 

Tags: Trauma, Trauma informed care, Violence prevention, Sexual and reproductive health

2. Use Trauma-Informed Strategies to Transform Your School

By Alicia Rozum, MSW, PPSC | January 6, 2016
Project Director, Mental Health, California School-Based Alliance

Have you ever tried to reason with an irrational person? Generally, it’s a pretty futile endeavor. You’re processing up in your cerebral cortex, being rational and using logic. The other person is literally or figuratively placing fingers in ears and saying, “La la la la la. I can’t hear you.”

This is an experience many school professionals have on a daily basis.

Tags: K-12, School mental health, Trauma, Mental health, School health
By Alicia Rozum, MSW, PPSC

3. Amazing Brain Science: Child Trauma and Lifelong Health

By Marcia Quackenbush, MS, MFT, MCHES | March 13, 2014

Here at ETR, we’re fascinated by brain science and its link to our mission. A number of our staff have impressive expertise in neuroscience. We decided it’s time to talk it up and share our knowledge and perspectives on the field. In coming months, look for brief posts, comments on the literature, links to tools and more.

Tags: Neuroscience, Children, Trauma

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