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21. Video Picks - TED Bullying Playlist

By ETR | December 5, 2014

If you’re ready for some powerful and illuminating video viewing, take a look at the TED Bullying Playlist. Four speakers and one heart-lifting musical performance will give you new insights and more than a few moments of reflection.

There are lots of opportunities for student projects using these videos. Review videos before sharing with your students to be sure the content is appropriate—there are some adult themes and a couple of instances of profanity.

Tags: Bullying, Violence prevention, Teens
22. "What Were You Thinking?" - What Developmental Neuroscience Tells Us About Adolescent Sexual Behavior

By Ahna Suleiman, DrPH | November 19, 2014

Every sex educator I know has stories about young people who’ve challenged their faith in our ability to change adolescent sexual behavior. For me, one of those stories is about a ninth grader named Rose.

Tags: Teens, Neuroscience, Sexual and reproductive health
By Ahna Suleiman, DrPH
23. School Report - October 2014: Ally Week - Joining In with Enthusiasm

By Marcia Quackenbush, MS, MFT, MCHES | October 15, 2014

What an amazing experience. Like many of you, I’ve been following the activity on Twitter in support of #AllyWeek. Sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN), this event gives us all an opportunity to reflect on the ways we and our organizations are stepping up to give support to LGBT youth.

I’ve been involved in the field of health education long enough to remember a time when even mentioning that LGBTQ students were in our schools and our sexual and reproductive health classes was a radical and courageous act. And I admit I did not always take that courageous path myself when the opportunity presented itself.

Tags: Teens, Health education, LGBTQ, LGBTQ youth
By Marcia Quackenbush, MS, MFT, MCHES
24. Thinking Research: Young People Need to Know About Sex Trafficking

By Pamela Anderson, PhD | October 8, 2014

How serious is the problem of adolescent sex trafficking, and what can we do about it? These are issues ETR researchers have been looking at for some time. I’ve just heard some news that gives me hope that the health and education community is moving in a good direction on these matters.

Tags: Teens, Sexual and reproductive health, Violence prevention, Human trafficking, Sex education
By Pamela Anderson, PhD
25. My Take: Seeing Relationships: Best Next Steps in STD/HIV/Pregnancy Prevention

By Karin Coyle, PhD

ETR's research team is testing some exciting new programs that ask middle and high school students to consider the ways romantic relationships influence their sexual choices and risks. We call this “contextualizing” sexual and reproductive health education—that is, using the context of relationships to build health-promoting information, attitudes and behaviors.

Tags: HIV-AIDS, Sexual and reproductive health, Teens, Sex education, STDs, Pregnancy prevention, Evidence-based interventions
By Karin Coyle, PhD
26. Amazing Brain Science: Great Brain Reads

By Debra Christopher, MSM

New research is giving us some powerful and creative ways to understand what our brains are doing (along with the brains of our students, trainees, clients, patients and colleagues). The principles of neuroscience can help us make a healthy difference in people’s lives.

Here are some of the books we’re reading right now that contribute to better understanding of how brains work. Highly recommended!

Tags: Neuroscience, Teens, Children
27. My Take: Using Digital Tools to Support Sexual Health

Leslie Kantor, MPH

If you work in sexual and reproductive health, you know that the world today is different from the world of only a few years ago. Changes in social media and the digital environment affect norms, risks and behaviors among young people. I’m Vice President of Education for Planned Parenthood, and our organization has some promising new tools that combine what’s known about effective sex education with what young people like to do online. They provide a model that can be helpful across a range of health issues.

Tags: Planned Parenthood, Teens, Social media, Technology, Sexual and reproductive health
28. Meet Kirby Intern Brittany Chambers

By ETR | June 24, 2014

Brittany Chambers, MPH, one of ETR’s Kirby Summer Interns for 2014, brings with her a powerful combination of personal experience, educational achievement and commitment to the field. Our researchers are looking forward to working with her over the next few months.

Brittany met recently with Newsletter Editor Marcia Quackenbush to talk about her background, her vision and what she hopes to accomplish both in her internship this summer, and in her professional career. Here’s a report on their conversation.

Tags: ETR, Kirby internship, Teens, Teen moms
29. Amazing Brain Science: Sleep, Adolescents and Risk

By Erin Cassidy-Eagle, PhD

While healthy sleep is important at all ages, it’s especially vital during the vulnerable time of adolescence. The challenges adolescents face at baseline, simply through the normal process of human development, are in many cases exactly those exacerbated by poor sleep. It's possible that helping young people acheive better sleep might ameliorate a whole range of other problems and challenges.

Tags: Sleep, Teens, Neuroscience
30. Video Picks - May 2014


It's video time! The power of short-form video reveals the dynamics of teen dating violence. Creativity can give you, and students, a more powerful and fulfilling life. White House Student Film Festival winners rock! 

Check out this month's collection of videos that have intrigued, delighted and challenged us.

Tags: K-12, Violence prevention, Teens

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