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1. Growth Mindset and Our All-Staff Retreat: A Format That Makes a Difference

By Coleen Cantwell, MPH | June 21, 2019
Vice-President, Business Development, ETR

ETR has brought considerable attention to creating a workplace culture that builds and sustains growth mindset over time. Our 2019 all-staff retreat offers a fine example of this. Our distributed workforce of 100 gathered for a full day in Santa Clara, CA, travelling from four worksites with co-located staff, and 25 remote locations across the nation.

Our retreats are not ordinary. They do not pay mere lip service to building organizational engagement. They do not bore. Neither do they entertain for a day and then take a break until next year.

Tags: Growth mindset, Staff retreat, ETR

2. How to Design an Effective Staff Retreat: A Lesson from Life

By Sarah Axelson, MSW | March 18, 2018
Director of Training, ETR

When is the last time your organization held a staff retreat? Did it help you accomplish your organizational goals?

A few weeks ago, ETR held its annual staff retreat. I was genuinely inspired. The planners of this event offered some valuable lessons for any organization on how to design effective and engaging retreats.

Tags: Staff retreat, Training design, Professional development

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