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1. Get To Know ETR: David Manuel Torres, Research Assistant

By ETR | August 21, 2019

David Torres is one of ETR’s great data wranglers. This means he spends a lot of his time making sure the raw data collected on his projects is clean and consistent before running analyses on it. “That’s actually about 80% of my work on a project,” he explains. “The analysis is the fun part, but the cleaning is the most important. If you start with inaccurate data, you get inaccurate interpretations.”

Tags: Staff profile, Equity in Tech, Data analysis, ETR staff

2. Get to Know ETR: Emma Schlamm, Program Coordinator

By ETR | August 1, 2019

Emma Schlamm’s got activism in her blood. Born and raised in New York City, she shares a birthday with both Malcom X and Ho Chi Minh. Following her urban upbringing, she chose a small town community for college—Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the heart of Amish country. “This was a fascinating experience for someone with a big-city background,” she recalls, “and it fueled my interest in learning about other cultures and communities.”

Tags: Staff profile, Global health, Women's health, Social justice, YTH Initiative, ETR staff

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