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1. Three Tips to Succeed in a Summer Internship

By Anisha Singh | May 9, 2019
Doctoral Student, University of Tennessee, Knoxville and 2018 ETR Kirby Intern

Here is an essential truth about internships: they go by really fast. Another essential truth: any intern can get more out of their experience by being as prepared as possible ahead of time.

Here are three tips I put to work for my internship. Whether you’re doing an internship yourself or offering guidance to others, these steps can make a difference both in what an intern gives an organization and what they learn for themselves.

Tags: Public health, Research, Kirby internship, Internship

2. Positive Strategies for Working with Vaccine Hesitation

By Katy Casselman, MPH Cand | October 18, 2017
Research Assistant, dfusion

Fall has begun. You know what that means: it’s flu season!

Are your students, clients and patients going to get their flu vaccine this year? There’s a good chance they won’t. In the 2015-16 season, the CDC reported that only 42% of adults, and 59% of children 6 months to 17 years, got their flu vaccine. Part of this reluctance may stem from the larger social movement and controversy within the public health and medical fields, vaccine hesitancy.

Tags: Public health, Vaccine

3. Healing and Justice Matter

By Robin Perlas | July 11, 2016
Training Coordinator, ETR

Last week will go down in history as one of the bloodiest in US history. In the few days following our nation’s Independence Day holiday weekend, racially-charged gun violence took the lives of a number of civilians as well as five police officers. Investigations are ongoing and many facts remain to be uncovered. What we do know is that a lot of people are in mourning, and our country is once again divided at its core.

Tags: Social justice, Violence prevention, Public health
By Robin Perlas

4. National Public Health Week 2016: Bringing Attention to Mental Health

By Marcia Quackenbush, MS, MFT, MCHES | April 7, 2016
Senior Editor, ETR

I’m one of the folks who genuinely looks forward to National Public Health Week (NPHW). I’m proud to call myself a public health nerd. I quote health statistics at dinner parties. I talk to the kids in my neighborhood about the importance of bicycle helmets and safety belts.

I’ve also got a background in mental health. Naturally, I was gratified to see President Obama bring attention to mental health in his Presidential Proclamation on NPHW. “We are striving to promote mental health as an essential component of overall health,” he states, “helping to ensure access to mental health care and services and working to prevent suicide.”

One of the most important things we can do in public health is end the stigma about depression. 

Tags: Mental health, Public health
By Marcia Quackenbush, MS, MFT, MCHES

5. Celebrating National Public Health Week

By Marcia Quackenbush, MS, MFT, MCHES | April 1, 2016
Senior Editor, ETR

I love working for an organization that’s making a difference in the world of public health. And that’s one of the reasons I’m grateful to the American Public Health Association for promoting National Public Health Week (April 4-10). There’s no better way to reflect on the power and potential of this extraordinary field.

Here are a few of the public health issues that have been on the radar at ETR over the past year. We’re watching some because of impressive reductions we’ve seen in risky behaviors. Others raise intriguing challenges and questions, and we’re eager to see how these issues develop in the future.

Tags: Public health, Health promotion
By Marcia Quackenbush, MS, MFT, MCHES

6. National Health Education Week: A Few of Our Heroes

By Marcia Quackenbush, MS, MFT, MCHES | October 22, 2015
Senior Editor, ETR

Here’s a shout out to SOPHE—the Society for Public Health Education. They’re the hosts of National Health Education Week, which we are thoroughly enjoying. (Check the hashtag #NHEW2015 on Twitter for some fine content.)

They started the week by asking us to reflect on our health education heroes. This theme has started some great conversations here at ETR. I asked a few of my colleagues who their heroes are and why. Here’s what they said.

Tags: Public health, Health education
By Marcia Quackenbush, MS, MFT, MCHES

7. #LoveWins. And So Does Public Health!

By Marcia Quackenbush, MS, MFT, MCHES | June 26, 2015
Senior Editor, ETR

It has been a momentous morning. My wife and I took an early hike. We were out on the trail when we got the text from @HRC about the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage. “Reply w/pics to show how you’re celebrating,” they asked.

We grinned. We cried. We took a selfie out there in our little patch of wilderness. And not surprisingly, we both began a survey of our lives, and this struggle, where we’ve been and this place we’ve come to now. Change is powerful stuff, for a person and for a nation.

Tags: Public health, Social justice, LGBTQ

8. HPV Vaccine: What About the Boys?

By William Spatafora | June 22, 2015
MPH Student, Tulane University | 2015 Kirby Summer Intern, ETR

“Why? He’s a boy.”

These were the first  words out of my cousin’s mouth last month when I asked if her 12-year-old son had been vaccinated against HPV. “Isn’t the HPV vaccine given just to girls, to protect against cervical cancer?”

Tags: HPV, HPV vaccine, Vaccine, Public health, Gender, Kirby internship
By William Spatafora

9. Making a Difference: Science, Research & Public Health

By Monica Sun | June 16, 2015
MPH Student, Tulane University | 2015 Kirby Summer Intern, ETR

This summer, I have the fortunate opportunity to work at ETR with a group of intelligent, intriguing and passionate people. Just within this first week or so, I’ve met many inspiring minds who’ve come together in this organization with a common goal: making a difference in the fields of science, research and public health.

The atmosphere here inspires me! I’m even more determined to go after my goals of reaching out to the underserved and making significant contributions to these fields. 

Tags: HIV-AIDS, Kirby internship, Research, Public health, HIV treatment
By Monica Sun

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