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1. Life and Death Choices: Be a Part of It

By John Henry Ledwith April 19, 2017
Senior Sales Manager, ETR

I just got back from the hospital. I’m fine, but one of my long-time friends is not. He’s recovering from a heart attack. This was one of the ones that put a real scare into me.

When a friend has an experience like this, you can’t help think about certain things. Life. Death. Family. The value of good health.

Tags: K-12, Nutrition, Physical activity, Health education, School health education
By John Henry Ledwith

2. School Report: 3 Strategies to Help Us Boost Healthy Student Behaviors

By John Henry Ledwith | March 21, 2017
Senior Sales Manager, ETR

Are you rested? Did you have breakfast? How many glasses of water did you drink today?

These three markers of healthy behavior—sleep, nutrition, hydration—are on my mind at the moment. 

Tags: K-12, School Health Education, Sleep, Nutrition
By John Henry Ledwith

3. School Report - August 2014

By John Henry Ledwith

Physical activity and good nutrition benefit student learning and academic success. The start of the school year is an ideal time to think about how your school supports healthy nutrition and physical activity. A number of programs are helping schools build healthier kids and more successful students.

Tags: HealthSmart, K-12, Nutrition, Fitness

4. Video Picks - April 2014


We like the ways videos and media help us see the world differently and think in new ways. Take a look at our favorite videos of the month. Los Angeles County Metro buses give health a chance. Bolthouse Farms offers an interactive musical website that makes healthy food simply glorious. And a guy known as "Menstrual Man" empowers women in rural India to change their lives. Watch and have fun.

Tags: Nutrition, Chronic disease

5. Video Picks - March 2014

By ETR | March 20, 2014

Take a look at some of our favorites among the videos and media that have crossed our desks this month. Bedsider offers some wonderful new videos that can help people get over their awkwardness and bring up the subject of contraception. Very funny. A video from amfAR provides a compelling rationale for needle exchange. And a powerful infographic gives us disturbing numbers about children's consumption of sugary treats. Watch!

Tags: HIV-AIDS, Birth control, Nutrition, Risk reduction

6. Video Picks - January 2014

By ETR | January 13, 2014

Here are our picks for this month's videos and media - content that makes us look, think and learn. Watch the broccoli vs. kale smackdown. Learn more about Americans' involvement with video culture. Check out the amazing infographics produced by Information is Beautiful.

Tags: Nutrition

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