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1. What's Up, ETR - June 2014

By ETR | June 23, 2014

Our latest Quarterly Review is now posted and available for viewing if you’d like to see some of the work we’ve been doing over the past few months.

ETR’s incredible research and professional development groups have recently been awarded some exciting grants for projects that can help us understand and implement the best strategies for promoting healthy, fulfilling lives.

Tags: ETR, Research, NSF, NIH

2. My Take: Implementation Fidelity in Evidence-Based Programs

By Pam Drake, PhD | August 21, 2013

When we want to evaluate how well an evidence-based program (EBP) works, one of the important variables we need to measure accurately is implementation fidelity. This variable helps confirm that the program is being presented as intended, and that different educators are doing essentially the same things in teaching the program.

With good implementation fidelity, there’s a better chance others can replicate the program’s outcomes. Schools and communities that show good implementation fidelity for a program can affirm they’re taking the correct steps to reach health goals.

Implementation fidelity also helps us interpret outcomes—for example, why an intervention did or didn’t work. We can assess how practical the program activities are, or refine programs by determining which components lead to the outcomes we want.

Tags: Evaluation, NIH, Evidence-based interventions, Research, Implementation fidelity

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