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1. Great Work in North Carolina

By Lisa Edelman | December 7, 2017
Regional Account Manager, ETR

I’m a happy traveler. That makes me doubly-blessed when I travel for ETR. I get to spend time with very impressive people, learn about their work, and come home more inspired than ever about the work I do.

In September, I had an opportunity to meet a few of the fine people of North Carolina. 

Tags: Mission, Customers

2. Being ETR's New CEO: To Boldly Go

By Vignetta Charles, PhD | February 23, 2017

I’m thrilled to be ETR’s new CEO. This is a job I’ve wanted for 19 years!

In 1998, I was Program Director of a teen pregnancy prevention program in Oakland, CA. I went to a training on Reducing the Risk (RTR), one of the best-known evidence-based programs in the field. It also happens to be a program ETR developed, evaluated and distributes.

Tags: ETR, Mission, Science
By Vignetta Charles, PhD

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