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1. Get Real Curriculum Now on the OAH List of Evidence-Based Programs

By Suzanne Schrag | February 6, 2015
Product Manager, ETR

Once again, the Get Real: Comprehensive Sex Education That Works program is a hot news topic in the world of teen pregnancy prevention. We're thrilled to announce that Get Real has been officially added to the Office of Adolescent Health's list of Evidence-Based Programs.

Tags: Get Real, Evidence-based interventions, Teens, Middle school
By Suzanne Schrag

2. Get Real: Evidence, Sex Ed and the Real World

By Jen Slonaker, MSW | December 11, 2014

How should we be teaching teens about sex? Since I work in the health and sexuality field, this is a question I’ve considered often. Not surprisingly, so have many of my colleagues.

About 10 years ago, a group of people at Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts (PPLM) decided to develop and test a new sex education curriculum for adolescents based on the best evidence available about what works.

What does it take to do this? Quite a lot.

Tags: Evidence-based interventions, Sex education, High school, Middle school
By Jen Slonaker, MSW

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