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1. Our Big "Ask" Problem

By Michael Everett, MHS | June 24, 2015
CEO, Intimacy & Colour | Consultant, ETR Community Impact Solutions Project

We all know what it feels like to sit in the back of the room, praying we don’t get called on by an instructor. Or feel too afraid to ask a question despite the depths of our confusion on a given topic.

The culture of asking in this country is a complex one. On the one hand, as a greater society we believe in the power of help. Look at our public health policies, free HIV testing or charitable organizations. Even the values we learn in kindergarten—“Clean up the play area together”—promote helping.

On the other hand, we are not as hard wired to ask for help as we are to provide it. So this begs the question—what is our big “ask” problem?

Tags: HIV-AIDS, Mens Health, National HIV Testing Day, Community Impact Solutions Project

2. What Men's Health Crisis?

By Anne Freiwald, MPH | May 26, 2015
Founder, MenNavigate

“I feel like I’m having a heart attack.” That’s what he told people throughout the day that would be his last.

At 57, my dad was just 3 years away from retirement. He was an avid surfer, kayaker and cyclist. He was a beloved teacher and vice-principal at the school right around the corner from his home. He was ready for the sweet life he had worked so hard to create.

He never dreamed his life would be cut short, especially by a heart attack he knew he was having. He didn’t realize that his decision to “sleep it off” and find a doctor in the morning would have such tragic consequences for him, his family, friends and community.

His story is not uncommon. 

Tags: Mens Health, Men
By Anne Freiwald, MPH

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