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1. New Trends in Gay Male Relationships: The Choices Study

By Lanz Lowen, MS, MA and Blake Spears, MBA | November 2, 2016
Senior Consultant, The Mandana Group and Independent Healthcare Consultant

What are the relationships of young gay men like today? It can be surprisingly difficult to answer this question with confidence. Little research is being done on gay male couples—how they build and sustain their relationships, what they think about monogamy and marriage, what they believe about the attitudes of their peers.

This year, we completed our Choices study, which focused on gay men ages 18-40 and explored attitudes and practices about monogamy and marriage.

Tags: Gay men, Romantic relationships, MSM

2. Tic-Tic Boom: Being the Work and Doing the Work

By Michael Everett, MHS | October 29, 2015
Project Coordinator, ETR

What responsibility do HIV/AIDS organizations have concerning the wellness of staff who are also Black men who have sex with men?

I have pondered this question often throughout my 15-year career in HIV services. 

Tags: HIV-AIDS, HIV, MSM, Black MSM, Webinar
By Michael Everett, MHS

3. The Cost of the Closet: Reflections on Gay Men and National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

By Michael Everett, MHS | October 15, 2015
Project Coordinator, ETR

Confinement has its costs. There are costs to being confined physically, emotionally, sexually, mentally or spatially for any period of time. You can often tell when people have grown up in isolation, or with little social interaction. They seem unprepared for social exchanges.

I have seen a version of this with members of the LGBT community. We grow up and discover that what we feel on the inside is seen as wrong in the larger world around us. We learn that who we are “goes against” religious and historical principles.

This can really do a number on you.

Tags: National Gay Mens HIV-AIDS Awareness Day, HIV-AIDS, Coming out, HIV, MSM, Community Impact Solutions Project, LGBTQ
By Michael Everett, MHS

4. Alex Williams: Honor and Appreciation

By ETR | September 24, 2015

We’ve just learned that ETR’s Alex Williams has been selected to receive the 2015 Dr. Mark Colomb Leadership Award from the Southern Regional Ball/House and Pageant Communities (B/HAP). We spoke with Alex about what receiving this award means to him, and why this type of work is so important. He told us:

This award recognizes a dual effort. First, it speaks to excellence in addressing HIV issues among the highest risk groups in communities of color.

Second, it specifically recognizes HIV efforts within the House and Ballroom community. This is a thriving subculture of the LGBT community which has been little known or recognized by people outside the culture. Historically, it’s also been marginalized and neglected by most HIV prevention programs.

Tags: HIV, AIDS, MSM, Award, Community Impact Solutions Project
By Alex Williams

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