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1. Learning Matters: The What, Why and WOW of Effective Professional Development

By Debra Christopher, MSM | March 31, 2015
Director, Professional Learning Systems, ETR

Are you a learning specialist? A teacher, trainer or technical assistance provider? In other words, are you charged with teaching people to do something they have never done before? Or do something differently? Or do something better? If so, I hope you will read on.

Understanding the What, Why and WOW of effective professional development is going to help you do better in your work.

Tags: Professional development, Training design, Learning theory, Adult learning
By Debra Christopher, MSM

2. It's Brain Awareness Week!

By Debra Christopher, MSM | March 16, 2015
Director, Professional Learning Systems, ETR

What’s all the buzz about the brain?

The brain is our personal 3-pound universe. This small but powerful mass of neurons in your head allows you to read these words, comprehend their meaning, and, if you choose, integrate the meaning into long-term memory.

You may even decide to take some kind of action based on the content. Or, at any point in time, you may choose to scroll past this segment, even this entire column, if there is no cognitive “hook” for you.

All this in a matter of seconds. Astounding!

Tags: Neuroscience, Professional development, Learning theory
By Debra Christopher, MSM

3. Learning Matters: Learning Can Be a Slippery Slope

By Debra Christopher, MSM | January 22, 2015
Director, Professional Learning Systems, ETR

The Colorado Rockies. Snow country in December. Over the holidays, my family and I trekked to the mountains for some snowshoeing and winter hiking. So spectacular!

Our drive home required the navigation of two snowy mountain passes. We were caught in some pretty treacherous weather. My 21-year-old son was driving, and it was stop and go in extremely icy conditions.

Tags: Professional development, Learning theory, Training design
By Debra Christopher, MSM

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