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1. YTH Live Elevates and Inspires

By Marcia Quackenbush, MS, MFT, MCHES | May 8, 2019
Senior Editor, ETR

One measure of a successful training or conference is whether you learned something useful. Did you change your thinking? Get inspired by leaders in the field? Will you do anything differently when you get back to your work?

By any of those measures, 2019’s YTH Live conference was simply dazzling for me. 

Tags: YTH Initiative, Adolescents, Youth empowerment, Sex education, Technology, Innovation, Conference, Youth, YTH, YTH Live

2. 5 Steps for Energizing Your Health Class

By Andrew Milne | August 29, 2017
Health Education & PE Teacher, New Trier High School

Teaching health is a fantastic opportunity! What a privilege to get to encourage our students to consider their health and that of others.

With increased pressure on academic scheduling it's important that health educators get the most out of their time in the classroom. These 5 steps should have your students running to your class, eager to learn.

Tags: Innovation, Advocacy, Health education, High school, School health education

3. Planned Parenthood Chat/Text: Changing Sexual Health Outcomes Through Texting

By Nicole Levitz, MPH | August 3, 2017
Associate Director of Digital Health Education, Planned Parenthood Federation of America

“Meet people where they are.”

As sex educators we spend an enormous amount of time talking about this concept. It might mean starting with the basics, but it also means bringing interventions to folks, not just expecting them to come to us. That’s why Planned Parenthood developed and evaluated Chat/Text.

Tags: Adolescents, Technology, Innovation, Texting, Birth control, Pregnancy prevention, STD prevention, Sexual and reproductive health

4. Are You a Social Innovator? 4 Methods to Create Social Innovation

By Tamara Kuhn, MA | October 5, 2015
Research Scientist & Director of Technology, dfusion

I’ve had an interest in innovation since childhood. I was thrilled by the technological wonder of my Easy-Bake Oven. I marveled over the magic of freeze-dried ice cream you could take on camping trips.

Later, I felt genuine affection for my first Polaroid camera and my Commodore 64 in all its boxy computer glory. As an adult, I was pretty dazzled by the first iPhone, a magical device offering constant Internet access and the ability to locate the nearest Starbucks with the flick of a finger. 

Tags: Innovation, Social innovation, dfusion
By Tamara Kuhn, MA

5. Creating a High-Vitality Organization That Embraces High-Velocity Change

By Dan McCormick, MHA | June 8, 2015
Chief Executive Officer, ETR

Have you noticed that the pace of change is accelerating? Of course! We all have. And we're hearing about it over and over, with greater and greater frequency. “Be agile.” “Pivot quickly.” “Re-invent yourself.”

But how do we put these slogans to work to improve our organizations?

I believe one of the best ways to successfully navigate today’s world of high-velocity change is to create and sustain high-vitality organizations.

Tags: Organizational development, Vitality, Innovation
By Dan McCormick, MHA

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