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1. Let's Take the Kids for a Walk!

By ETR | October 7, 2014

We like this study from Harvard researchers looking at child and adolescent BMI scores (body mass index) and their correlation with walkability in the children’s neighborhoods. Researchers looked at BMI scores from medical records for almost 50,000 children ages 4 to 18. Then they used 8 variables to score the walkability of the children’s neighborhoods.

Tags: Obesity, Fitness, Children

2. School Report - August 2014

By John Henry Ledwith

Physical activity and good nutrition benefit student learning and academic success. The start of the school year is an ideal time to think about how your school supports healthy nutrition and physical activity. A number of programs are helping schools build healthier kids and more successful students.

Tags: HealthSmart, K-12, Nutrition, Fitness

3. Video Picks - June 2014


Does Physical Education help with academics? What's the world of vaping really like? And just how important is social media? Sit back, kick up your feet and take a look at a few of our favorites among the videos that have run across our monitors this month.

Tags: Social media, Tobacco, E-cigarettes, Fitness

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