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1. Messing Up: Using Humility to Become a Better Trainer

By Sarah Axelson, MSW | June 20, 2018
Director of Training, ETR

It’s 10:30 on a Thursday night, and I’m somewhere over the Midwest, flying home. I’ve spent the last few days training a group of professionals who, for the most part, I haven’t worked with before. The training as a whole was fantastic. Well-planned, intentional, engaging, and the list goes on. I couldn’t be more proud of our team for putting it together. 

What I wasn’t proud of was my own section, or more specifically one activity within the day-long session that I delivered.

Tags: Facilitation, Training, Professional development

2. Currently Reading: Keeping the Magic in Facilitation

By Sarah Axelson, MSW | May 15, 2018
Director of Training, ETR

I’m a training and facilitation nerd. Anyone who knows me knows I embrace that label and use it lovingly. I’m constantly trying to think of new, more engaging ways to help people learn.

I’m so entrenched in this work that at a recent dinner with friends, as we were settling our tab, I found myself digging through my purse searching for my wallet. It finally turned up under a copy of one of the books I’m currently reading.

Tags: Currently reading, Facilitation, Professional development

3. Facilitation Quick Tips: I Usually Say Yes to This

By Gina Lepore, MEd | November 16, 2017
Research Associate, ETR

Here’s an engaging and powerful activity that’s a great way to introduce a learning process related to consent in sexual or romantic relationships. It’s ideal for a Training of Educators or Training of Trainers. With adaptation, it can also be used as a classroom activity with teens or young adults.

Tags: Affirmative consent, Facilitation Quick Tips, Facilitation, Training design
By Gina Lepore, MEd

4. Facilitation Quick Tips: Talkin' Toe-2-Toe

By Joan Singson | May 18, 2015
Program Manager, ETR

Picture yourself standing in front of a room going through the talking points of your training design. You pan the room and notice a few heads bobbing. The bodies they’re attached to twitch as they fight training fatigue. You see glazed-over stares of participants whose minds are somewhere between the training room and a warm bed.

It’s time for an energizer!

Tags: Training design, Facilitation
By Joan Singson

5. Facilitation Quick Tips: Drop Us a Line!

By Annika Shore, MPH | April 16, 2015
Professional Development Consultant, ETR

This upbeat activity has some of the best elements for any training—movement, music and conversation. It engages brains, energizes participants and helps them personalize the learning.

Tags: Training design, Professional development, Facilitation
By Annika Shore, MPH

6. Facilitation Quick Tips: Phrase Craze

By Debra Christopher, MSM | January 15, 2015
Director, Professional Learning Systems, ETR

Here’s an activity that helps training participants consolidate learning. It actually activates and strengthens neurological connections, increasing participants’ ability to hold key concepts in long-term memory. Quick and engaging.

Tags: Professional development, Training design, Facilitation
By Debra Christopher, MSM

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