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1. Get To Know ETR: David Manuel Torres, Research Assistant

By ETR | August 21, 2019

David Torres is one of ETR’s great data wranglers. This means he spends a lot of his time making sure the raw data collected on his projects is clean and consistent before running analyses on it. “That’s actually about 80% of my work on a project,” he explains. “The analysis is the fun part, but the cleaning is the most important. If you start with inaccurate data, you get inaccurate interpretations.”

Tags: Staff profile, Equity in Tech, Data analysis, ETR staff

2. Get to Know ETR: Emma Schlamm, Program Coordinator

By ETR | August 1, 2019

Emma Schlamm’s got activism in her blood. Born and raised in New York City, she shares a birthday with both Malcom X and Ho Chi Minh. Following her urban upbringing, she chose a small town community for college—Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the heart of Amish country. “This was a fascinating experience for someone with a big-city background,” she recalls, “and it fueled my interest in learning about other cultures and communities.”

Tags: Staff profile, Global health, Women's health, Social justice, YTH Initiative, ETR staff

3. We Love Pi! And Science! And Pie! Happy Pi Day!

By ETR | March 14, 2019

Here at ETR, we are crazy for science. In fact, science is deeply engrained in our organizational values, which proudly proclaim that “Science is Foundational” to all the work we do.

You can imagine how excited we get about Pi Day—a day to reflect on the power, wonder and promise of science. Last year in our Pi Day post, our team talked about some of the reasons we celebrate science. This year, we’re sharing up some thought-provoking bits of scientific research that we just think are mighty cool.

Tags: ETR staff, Science

4. Gratitude: Returning to Each Other

By Vignetta Charles, PhD | November 16, 2018

A poem by one of my favorite poets has been running through my head as we enter the holiday season. I have been overwhelmed with gratitude as I bear witness to people returning to each other, whether it’s mobilizing for those devastated in the California wildfires and supporting the firefighters still in harm’s way, or the continued global response to the #metoo movement. I am hopeful because I believe we can find peace when we find authentic connection and express our gratitude for that.

Tags: Gratitude, Inspiration, ETR staff, ETR

5. ETR: A Family Business

By Shawn Del Carlo | August 28, 2018
Warehouse Senior Supervisor, ETR

ETR is a non-profit. In some ways, we’re also a sort of family business. I’ve worked here for 21 years, and during that time, we’ve hired lots of employees’ kids, nieces, nephews and friends.

Sometimes people come for temp jobs, and sometimes they’re hired in standard positions. This has been good. I think it’s built a closer sense of connection among staff.

Tags: Healthy organization, Families, Workplace wellness, ETR staff
By Shawn Del Carlo

6. When Good Things Happen to Good People: Karin Coyle Recognized by Healthy Teen Network

By ETR | August 10, 2018

The planets must be aligned auspiciously. Dr. Karin Coyle, ETR’s Chief Science Officer, has just been awarded the 2018 Douglas B. Kirby Researcher of the Year award from Healthy Teen Network (HTN).This is a confluence of three extraordinary goods.

Tags: Sexual and reproductive health, Adolescent health, ETR staff

7. Customer Service: A Point of Pride at ETR

By Karrie Bobby | August 2, 2018
Customer Service Representative, ETR

Thinking about calling ETR? You might talk to me. I’m one of the voices behind ETR’s Customer Service Department. The other day, a customer said I had a soothing voice. That was nice to hear.

Tags: ETR staff, Customer service
By Karrie Bobby

8. Far and Away: Benefits of the Distributed Workforce

By Sue Potter, MS | November 28, 2017
Research Associate, ETR

I’m with the “away team.” For the last several years, I’ve been part of ETR’s Distributed Workforce. Roughly one in five staff are located away from our organization’s main offices in Scotts Valley, Oakland and Sacramento, California. You’ll find us in other regions of California and in other states across the country. I live in Boston.

It hasn’t always been easy being one of the remote staff. But we’re an organization that believes in continuous improvement. 

Tags: Organizational development, ETR staff, Distributed workforce

9. Not Your Average Staff Retreat: A Total Blast with Mounds of Bacon

By Marcia Quackebush, MS, MFT, MCHES | March 6, 2017
Senior Editor, ETR

Bringing people together can make a world of difference. ETR just finished up our 2017 All-Staff Retreat, and yes, it was a challenge getting everyone into one room for a day. Our workforce is distributed around the state of California and across the nation.

But it was also, in the words of one staffer, “a blast!” 

Tags: ETR staff, Inspiration
By Marcia Quackenbush, MS, MFT, MCHES

10. Time to Get Together: #APHA 2016

ETR | October 27, 2016

Summed up in a word? Awesome.

The annual meetings of the American Public Health Association are one of the nation’s premiere professional events. This year, more than 12,000 attendees will be showing up in Denver October 29-November 2. They’ll present research, work on policy recommendations, learn new skills and network with colleagues from across the nation and around the world.

Tags: APHA, ETR staff, Conferences

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