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1. Remote Workers Engage! 6 Ways to Stay Connected

By Tracy Wright, MAEd | September 10, 2018
Project Director, ETR

Trees, mountains, sky. That’s what I see from the window of my home in Golden, Colorado. I love it. Being able to live and work here is one of the splendid benefits of being a remote worker.

Tags: Distributed workforce, Workplace wellness
By Tracy Wright, MAEd

2. Growing the Organization: Choosing a Distributed Workforce

By Vignetta Charles, PhD | April 3, 2018

ETR is a national organization—one with global aspirations. You might not have guessed this if you’d peeked in on one of our all-staff meetings a few years back. These were held in a single conference room, with a minority of our team joining from two smaller rooms at “satellite offices,” along with a few team members joining from home offices.

No longer!

Tags: Organizational development, Distributed workforce

3. Far and Away: Benefits of the Distributed Workforce

By Sue Potter, MS | November 28, 2017
Research Associate, ETR

I’m with the “away team.” For the last several years, I’ve been part of ETR’s Distributed Workforce. Roughly one in five staff are located away from our organization’s main offices in Scotts Valley, Oakland and Sacramento, California. You’ll find us in other regions of California and in other states across the country. I live in Boston.

It hasn’t always been easy being one of the remote staff. But we’re an organization that believes in continuous improvement. 

Tags: Organizational development, ETR staff, Distributed workforce

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