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11. WILLOW Women On the HIV Front Lines

By Jacqueline Peters | April 21, 2016
Logistics Specialist & WILLOW Trainer, ETR

I am an excited and fortunate woman. I recently completed the process to become a Certified Trainer for the WILLOW program. I’m meeting some incredible people and being given the opportunity to make a genuine difference in the HIV prevention effort. And after my experiences so far, I know one thing for certain. In WILLOW, people have stories to tell. 

Tags: HIV-AIDS, Community Impact Solutions Project, HIV, Women, WILLOW, Training of trainers
By Jacqueline Peters

12. HIV: Let's Change What We're Doing and End This Epidemic

By Thomas Davis | April 4, 2016
HRC Youth Ambassador

I haven’t always been an outspoken young man. I learned to be outspoken when I was diagnosed with HIV.

After the counselor told me, “Your test is positive,” I didn’t know what to expect. I wanted examples. I wanted to hear stories from people like me. But there was not a lot of representation from young Black men going through this.

I thought, “Okay. I need to be the example. I am not afraid to share this.” So I started to tell my story among my friends and in my community. 

Tags: HIV-AIDS, HIV, Community Impact Solutions Project, Youth voice, LGBTQ youth, Underrepresented youth

13. National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day: Let Our Youth Speak

By Dontá Morrison | March 30, 2016

In honor of National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day, we need to reflect on the advances youth themselves have made in the fight against HIV. I’m an advocate who works closely with the younger generation. I’ve been privileged to hear some remarkable stories about the steps they’re taking to get the word out.

Tags: HIV-AIDS, HIV, Community Impact Solutions Project, NYHAAD, Youth voice, Underrepresented youth, LGBTQ youth

14. Hear Indigenous Voices: National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

By Pamela Jumper Thurman, PhD | March 16, 2016
Director, National Center for Community Readiness at Colorado State University

What will you be doing on the spring equinox this year? Like many others in American Native communities, on March 20, I will be honoring National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NNHAAD). This is an important day, both because of its history and because of what it reflects about the fight against HIV in Native communities today.

Indigenous peoples in the United States—American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders—have a long history of being treated as invisible by the general culture. This was true in the early times of this nation, and it was true in the early days of the AIDS epidemic. Sadly, this is continuing, even today. The risks for our people have not been accurately documented, and education for our communities has been inadequate.

Tags: National Native HIV-AIDS Awareness Day, HIV-AIDS, HIV, Community Impact Solutions Project

15. Wonder Woman Says: Fight for Justice on National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

By Vignetta Charles, PhD | March 10, 2016
Chief Science Officer, ETR

My Facebook feed was filled with wonderful images on International Women’s Day (March 8). I’m a huge fan of Wonder Woman, so I was especially thrilled with the many images of this iconic figure who fights for justice for all. And today, only two days later, we celebrate National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.

I believe Wonder Woman would be proud of the strides we’ve made to reduce the number of new HIV infections in women, especially for African-American women. This should be celebrated. And I do celebrate that. I’m especially proud of some of the amazing HIV prevention efforts that ETR has developed and/or implemented over the past three decades to contribute to this success.

But I also see that Wonder Woman still has a lot of fighting to do. 

Tags: HIV-AIDS, HIV, NWGHAAD, Violence prevention, Intersectionality, Community Impact Solutions Project
By Vignetta Charles, PhD

16. Facilitation Quick Tips: The Quiz Review

By Michael T. Everett, MHS | March 2, 2016
Project Director, ETR

This activity uses a participatory quiz to reinforce knowledge and learning. Teams develop quiz questions, then try to answer each others’ questions. Keep score. The team that knows the most wins!

Tags: Training design, Professional development, Community Impact Solutions Project
By Michael T. Everett

17. Now in Spanish – Using PrEP to Prevent HIV

By Laura Perkins, MLS | February 18, 2016
Project Editor, ETR

The Hispanic/Latino community is disproportionately affected by HIV. In 2013, Hispanics/Latinos accounted for 21% of the estimated new diagnoses of HIV infection in the U.S., despite representing about 17% of the total population.

We recently reported how pleased we are that ETR has a new pamphlet on PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) to prevent HIV. Well, now we're especially thrilled to offer our new title on PrEP in Spanish.

Tags: HIV-AIDS, HIV, PrEP, Community Impact Solutions Project

18. Creating Spaces for Meaningful Intergenerational Conversations in Black Communities: M-I-S-Communication

By Aunsha Hall-Everett, MA | February 4, 2016
Executive Director, REACH LA

Throughout my time working with young people, I have had the opportunity to witness amazing conversations. I recently spoke with a group of young Black gay men (ages 16-19) about some of the sexual health and health promotion efforts we are building.

Hearing them share their experiences gave me two “ah ha” moments. First, I’m getting old. Second, we need to improve intergenerational relationships and build better communication between younger and older adults.

Tags: HIV-AIDS, Community Impact Solutions Project, HIV, Communication, Community voices

19. HIV & AIDS: Our Free Fundamentals Course Fills the Gap

By BA Laris, MPH | January 21, 2015
Research Associate, ETR

People are talking about HIV and AIDS. You hear it, see it, Google it. Yep. There is a lot of talk.

But are people listening?

At ETR’s Community Impact Solutions Project (CISP), we believe members of the HIV prevention workforce are a vital part of this HIV and AIDS conversation. They need and deserve state of the art training to understand the many changing aspects of HIV and AIDS to help protect themselves, the community and families, friends, and partners.

Tags: HIV-AIDS, HIV, Online learning, Community Impact Solutions Project
By B. A. Laris, MPH

20. What Leadership Feels Like: 3 Lessons from Life

By Michael T. Everett, MHS | December 9, 2015
Project Coordinator, ETR

Two questions plague any responsible person in a position of authority: (1) Am I a good leader? and, (2) How am I to know?

I’ve had a few years to consider these questions myself, and they have taught me a good deal about leadership. I’d like to share three of the lessons leadership has brought to my own work and life. 

Tags: HIV-AIDS, Webinar, HIV, Leadership, Black MSM, Community Impact Solutions Project
By Michael T. Everett, MHS

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