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1. Our Bold Adventure: ETR & YTH Team Up to Change the World

By Vignetta Charles, PhD & Bhupendra Sheoran, MD, MBA  | July 17, 2019
CEO (VC) and Vice President of Global Development (BS), ETR

We are beyond thrilled about the recent merger of ETR and YTH. Of course, a huge amount of practical footwork needed to be done. There are challenges, some anticipated and some not. There is discovery and confusion. Adjustments must be made.

But when we take a moment, take a breath, and think about where we are and how we see the road ahead, our overarching feeling is…excitement!

Tags: Accessibility, Community partnerships, Collaboration, YTH Initiative, ETR

2. New Professional Learning Standards for Sex Education: PLSSE

By Tracy Wright, MAEd | April 15, 2019
Program Manager, ETR

Think about a sexuality educator you know. Think about something brilliant or inspired or compassionate they’ve done in their teaching. Think about the students they serve and what those students need in the classroom. Think about the challenges that educator faces in their school or district, community or state.

If you’re like me, what you get when you think through these things is one highly dedicated, deeply committed individual. 

Tags: Collaboration, Professional development, Education standards, Sex education

3. Teachers! Your Next Big Role! "Research Collaborator"

By Shannon Campe | November 19, 2015
Research Associate, ETR

Are you a K–12 teacher? Or a school or district administrator? A teacher’s union rep? A classroom aide? An active member of your PTA? Do you have any say about what teachers do in their classrooms? If so, I’m hoping you’ll take a few minutes to read about the next big role you (or your teachers) can take to make a difference.

I’m an educational researcher and a teacher. I recruit and work with teachers for classroom-based and after-school programs that are part of research projects. If you are a teacher, I have something I really want you to do, at least once—collaborate in school-based research when the opportunity arises.

I know, yet another thing to do on top of everything else. Why should you take it on? 

Tags: Teachers, Research, Collaboration
By Shannon Campe

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