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1. 5 Steps for Energizing Your Health Class

By Andrew Milne | August 29, 2017
Health Education & PE Teacher, New Trier High School

Teaching health is a fantastic opportunity! What a privilege to get to encourage our students to consider their health and that of others.

With increased pressure on academic scheduling it's important that health educators get the most out of their time in the classroom. These 5 steps should have your students running to your class, eager to learn.

Tags: Innovation, Advocacy, Health education, High school, School health education

2. School Report: Let’s Be Advocates!

By John Henry Ledwith | January 11, 2017
Senior Sales Manager, ETR

We’ve had some seriously rainy weather in Northern California this past week. The storm outside was a good incentive for me to do a little clean-up and organizing inside.

As I opened file drawers and cabinet doors, I ploughed through several years’ worth of articles, notes, photos and papers. Some were still keepers. And others—ideas past their prime—went off to recycle.

Tags: K-12, Advocacy, NHES
By John Henry Ledwith

3. Why I'm an Advocate--and Why You Should Be One Too

By Vignetta Charles, PhD | August 17, 2015
Chief Science Officer, ETR

At a recent meeting with others working in the nonprofit world, I was telling colleagues about an Action Alert I’d just received. It was sent out by one of the many advocacy listservs to which I subscribe. The people at my lunchtime table all reeled in horror.

“You can’t do that!” they exclaimed. “That’s lobbying. You’re federally funded.”

I’d heard this before. I responded with what I know to be true, but what my colleagues so often are unsure about. Namely, I can absolutely receive the Action Alert at work. However, I cannot take any action on it, such as lobbying, on my federally funded time.

That said, as a voting citizen of the United States, I can go home and, in my non-working hours, tell my elected officials how I, as their constituent, believe they should respond to the particular piece of legislation. Actually, I can also do this at work if I have private or unrestricted funds that allow me to take this action without violating any 501c3 regulations.

So why are my colleagues so uncertain, or even fearful, about being advocates?

Tags: Advocacy, Nonprofits
By Vignetta Charles, PhD

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