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Currently Reading: Schools in San Francisco Implement Meditation & Students' Happiness and Academic Success Soars
November 23, 2015

Currently Reading: Schools in San Francisco Implement Meditation & Students' Happiness and Academic Success Soars

By Laura Norvig, MLIS | November 23, 2015
Digital Media Strategist, ETR

I’ll admit, I like to read about meditation more than actually do it. I’m a huge fan of Thich Nhat Hanh and Pema Chodron, two authors who make a great case for how quieting the mind and being in the moment increase our ability to be patient, compassionate and more effective human beings.

But I was really struck by this article and the video it highlights, which documents the positive impact of meditation on urban school kids. 

By Laura Norvig
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Tags: K-12, Meditation
Taking Off to #ythlive 2015
April 23, 2015

Taking Off to #ythlive 2015

By Pamela Anderson, PhD | April 23, 2015
Senior Research Associate, ETR

Hi everyone! My colleagues and I are excited about the upcoming conference YTH Live: Igniting Youth Tech Health Innovation. It’s taking place this Sunday through Tuesday (April 26–28) at the Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco, and we’ve got some thought-provoking presentations on the schedule.

Ever wondered who youth are texting and what they are saying?

By Pamela Anderson, PhD
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Tags: YTH, Blended learning, Flipped classroom, Violence prevention, Electronic dating violence, Technology
What Ebola Can Teach Us About Keeping Schools Healthy
November 3, 2014

What Ebola Can Teach Us About Keeping Schools Healthy

By ETR | November 3, 2014

What should schools be doing to keep students healthy? Georges C. Benjamin, MD, executive director of the American Public Health Association, has written a clear and cogent column in Education Week outlining the steps schools can take. While Ebola is raising concerns across the nation, influenza poses greater risks in the U.S. at present. He describes steps schools and communities can take to prevent both.


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Tags: K-12, School health
Thoughts from HTN in Austin
October 23, 2014

Thoughts from HTN in Austin

By Suzanne Schrag | October 22, 2014

Suzanne Schrag, editor and product manager, shares some thoughts from the Healthy Teen Network Conference in Austin, Texas.

I’ve been enjoying my time here at the Healthy Teen Network Conference in Austin. Highlights of Tuesday’s events included a brief awards ceremony that provided me with inspiration and thoughts for the day. P3, the Georgia Public Private Partnership to Prevent Teen Pregnancy received the Outstanding Emerging Innovation Award, which motivated me to attend their session on Leading Collective Impact that afternoon.

By Suzanne Schrag
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Tags: Pregnancy prevention, Birth control, Health promotion, Sexual and reproductive health, ETR, Teen moms
Let's Take the Kids for a Walk!
October 7, 2014

Let's Take the Kids for a Walk!

By ETR | October 7, 2014

We like this study from Harvard researchers looking at child and adolescent BMI scores (body mass index) and their correlation with walkability in the children’s neighborhoods. Researchers looked at BMI scores from medical records for almost 50,000 children ages 4 to 18. Then they used 8 variables to score the walkability of the children’s neighborhoods.

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Tags: Obesity, Fitness, Children
Affirmative: Yes Means Yes
October 6, 2014

Affirmative: Yes Means Yes

By ETR | October 6, 2014

Like others working in the sexual and reproductive health field, we’re pleased to see new attention being paid to the standard of affirmative consent. Using the shorthand “Yes Means Yes,” this standard requires partners obtain “an affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement” before engaging in sexual activity.

California Governor Jerry Brown also signed landmark legislation clearly defining affirmative consent and requiring that colleges and universities receiving state assistance apply this standard in their policies and procedures.

Here’s a general news report from CBS News, a commentary on the news from the Ms. Blog, and an inventive app called Good2Go that offers partners an opportunity to affirm their consent on their smart phones. 

By ETr
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Tags: Sexual and reproductive health, Violence prevention

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