ETR is excited to announce the latest revision of HealthSmart for the middle and high school levels. The new 3rd edition continues to focus on the essential concepts and skills students need to know and practice to adopt healthy behaviors, and the lessons and activities are tailored to the developmental capabilities of students at each grade level.

  • All lessons have been reviewed for medical accuracy and up-to-date content.
  • New lessons have been added on social media and emotional health, opioids, affirmative consent, and sexual abuse prevention.
  • Tobacco lessons have been revised to include and emphasize risks of vaping.
  • Engaging PowerPoint slides are provided for every lesson to convey key concepts, enhance discussions, and guide group activities.
  • Student journal pages have been incorporated into Student Workbooks for personal reflection, guided lecture notes and group activities. Journal pages list important health terms for each lesson, and the Student Workbook now includes a full Health Terms Glossary.
  • Language has been reviewed to reflect and promote inclusivity and support a trauma-informed approach.


Click on the images to go to the new HealthSmart Middle School and High School curricula.

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