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Here's a fantastic opportunity to continue your professional development this summer.  Explore and learn about sexuality education and supporting LGBTQ+ youth—all while practicing social distancing from your home or office.

ETR’s Summer 2020 Professional Development Series offers three value packs to choose from. Each value pack includes a full 3-day pass to the YTH Live 2020 Virtual Conference (August 3-5) and two carefully chosen resources for strengthening skills in one of three areas:

1.  YTH Live: Sexual and Reproductive Health Value Pack

A full 3-day pass to YTH Live Virtual Conference
Sexuality Education: Theory and Practice
Teaching Affirmative Consent

2.  YTH Live: Supporting LGBTQ+ Value Pack

A full 3-day pass to YTH Live Virtual Conference
Teaching Transgender Toolkit
Supporting LGBTQ Youth

3.  YTH Live: Youth Mentorship and Communication Value Pack

A full 3-day pass to YTH Live Virtual Conference
Great Mentoring
Teen Speak Teaching Guide and Workbook

YTH Live 2020—a dynamic virtual conference held August 3-5—will showcase the brightest minds and cutting-edge innovation in topics ranging from youth sexual and reproductive health to mental health, COVID19, digital rights, and climate change. Whether you are a youth leader, Executive Director, program manager, developer, IT professional, college or a high school student, YTH Live can help you learn about the latest trends in health, innovation, and technology.

As a technology-based conference, we are excited to model how virtual platforms can provide engaging opportunities for participants to share, network, and innovate!

Save over $70.00 on these three great Professional Development Value Packs. Only $189!

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