ETR publishes health education curricula (and other media) for K-12, evidence-based prevention programs, books for health education professionals on program management and policy, and health promotion materials for use in clinics, hospitals, schools and after-school settings. All our materials share a philosophy of health and well-being as an important life goal, a value for science-based information, and a belief in equity in health access.

Before submitting a proposal , do some research to make sure that your product or idea is right for us, and to produce a complete package so that we understand what your product is about.

First, familiarize yourself with ETR. Browse our online catalog. Look at the types of materials we publish and the subjects we cover. We are especially interested in products that appeal to schools, clinics and community-based organizations. We occasionally publish outside of these markets; however, schools and clinics get our top consideration. Your product must fit with our offerings, but not compete directly with any of our current products.

Second, check online sources, bookstores and catalogs to see what other products have been published on the subject. Be prepared to describe how your product is different than these. Does it use a new theory, include new information, or have some other element that will be of interest to our customers?

Third, know who your product is for and how we can reach these people in order to sell it.

Last, compose your formal proposal. Put all your information together so that we can determine whether we are interested in your product. See the next section, "Preparing a Proposal," for details.

Preparing a Proposal

Your proposal should be typed double-spaced and single-sided on standard white paper. It should be 3-5 pages in length, not including sample sections or chapters and your resume. It may be mailed to us or sent electronically as an email attachment.

Working Title: What title do you propose? List the keywords that the title might include and describe why this would appeal to the audience.

Table of Contents: Be as detailed as possible. Provide annotations that describe what each chapter or section will cover. This will help us to understand the depth to which you've done your preparation.

Sample Chapters: If possible, provide a sample of the product that represents your writing style, the purpose of the product, and the level , tone and organization of the material. Include the Introduction, which should explain the premise of the product and the solutions it provides. What is the expected length? Are there multiple products or accessories?

Target Audience: Who will buy your product? Provide demographic information such as specific profession of potential buyers (education specialists, medical, teachers, administrators, etc.),what associations they belong to and what conferences they attend. If this is a curriculum, provide the student grade level(s).

Competitive Analysis: Which existing products are similar to your proposed product? List the top 3 competing products and include the title, year published, length. Describe how your product is different and better than each.

Sales and Marketing: Research the potential market for your product and give us facts that support your idea that a significant number of people will buy it. Describe how you can help promote and sell the product after it is published. If you have contacts with other organizations that would be interested in buying it, describe them here. Do you have access to specific mailing lists? Are you an instructor who will use your own book as required reading in your classes? And if you have previously published other products, how did they sell?

Your Resume or CV: Include information on previous publications you’ve done. Your resume should demonstrate why you are an authority on the subject. Include any associations you belong to that will enable you to promote the book after it is published.

Project Status: Is the product complete? If not, when do you expect to finish it? Have you submitted to other publishers? Has any part of the material been previously published?

Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope: If you would like your materials returned to you, please provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Otherwise, they will be discarded after we review them and respond to you.

Where to Send Your Proposal

Matt McDowell, Director of Marketing,

100 Enterprise Way, Ste G300
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

We will review your proposal and report back to you within 16 weeks. If you don't hear from us after 16 weeks, you may email to inquire about the status. Please do not call. If we determine that your proposal doesn't meet our current needs, you will receive notification by mail. If we are interested in discussing your proposal, we will call or email you.

If we are interested in publishing your product, the timing will depend upon our existing plans and schedule. We will offer you a contract and will provide direction on timeline, suggested revisions and organization. You will work with an editor who will guide you through the process. Most projects typically last 6 months to 1 year.

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