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Videos of Dr. Douglas Kirby

Dr. Douglas Kirby Presents during the 2012 McGovern Lecture Series

The Annual John P. McGovern Award Lecture Series in Health Promotion is sponsored by the Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Research. Dr. Douglas Kirby, PhD, the 2012 Award Recipient, presents “Applying Theory and Research to a Public Health Problem: The Success of Sex and STI/HIV Education in Reducing Adolescent Sexual Risk Behavior.”

Evidence-Based Programs

What's an evidence-based program and why does it matter? Internationally renowned researcher Dr. Douglas Kirby makes it all clear.

Adapting Evidence-Based Programs

Just how much can you adapt an evidence-based program and still be confident it will be effective? Dr. Douglas Kirby gives a clear, practical answer based on science.

Choosing Good Programs

How can you choose the best sexual and reproductive health program for the young people you work with? Dr. Douglas Kirby offers practical, science-based guidelines.

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