Online Courses

Understanding the HIV Lifecycle

Looking for a quick and engaging way to learn about how antiretroviral medications work? Do you need to explain why HIV treatment is prevention to your clients? Would your frontline staff benefit from an animated review of the HIV Lifecycle? Our free elearning mini module can help you deliver strong HIV prevention messages!

HIV Fundamentals E-Learning Course

People are talking about HIV/AIDS. You hear it, see it, Google it…there is a lot of talk…but are people listening? As part of the HIV prevention workforce, you are an important part of this HIV/AIDS conversation. It is critical that you understand the many aspects of HIV and AIDS in order to help others protect themselves and their families, friends, and partners.

Measurement & Evaluation E-Learning Course

Make a measurable difference in your organization! This brief e-learning course will introduce you to the fundamentals of Measurement and Evaluation, beginning with evaluation planning. The course covers key terminology, critical issues, and current ideas in the field of M&E tailored to CBOs working in HIV prevention. From this course, you will gain the skills necessary to design program-based M&E plans that reflect your circumstances and parameters.