ARTAS for Managers Series: Supporting the success of your linkage to care programs


As a manager you are probably wondering what your role is with ARTAS.

We believe that your thoughtful management and supervision is the key to a successful linkage to care program in several different stages:

  • The Getting Started stage - the information you need to consider when becoming familiar with ARTAS and deciding when to implement the strategy.
  • The Pre-Implementation stage - your agency's decision to make any necessary changes, planning for the staffing and budgets, building relationships with community partners, creating a marketing plan, and developing a monitoring and evaluation plan.
  • The actual Implementation stage - your efforts to resolve issues that your agency staff will encounter while implementing ARTAS.
  • The Maintenance stage - your approach to continuously working to adapt, monitor, and evaluate your linkage to care program, as well as to making any necessary changes.

We understand that many of you are at different stages and have different levels of expertise with implementing ARTAS. We believe the format of this series will support effective learning for each of you.

Course structure *

ARTAS for Managers is a 3-part series that includes:

  1. Wednesday February 28th (1pm EST, 12pm CST, 11am MST, 10am PST)
    60-minute live webinar, that provides participants with an overview of all of the key information managers need to know to support their ARTAS staff;
  2. Watch on your own between February 28th and March 28th
    Series of four 30-minute self-paced (pre-recorded) mini modules to provide more detailed information to support the successful implementation of each phase of ARTAS (Getting Started, Pre-Implementation, Implementation, and Maintenance);
  3. Wednesday March 28th (1pm EST, 12pm CST, 11am MST, 10am PST)
    Live technical assistance session when managers and supervisors have access to a panel of skilled capacity building providers and peers to answer questions and help trouble shoot issues and concerns.

Upon completion of all components, registered participants are eligible to receive a total of 4 hours of continuing education credit.

*Pre-registration is required

Course goal and objectives

The goal of this series is to support managers and supervisors who oversee programs that are implementing the ARTAS public health strategy as part of CDC-funded initiatives for high-impact HIV prevention. Specifically participants will learn strategies for preventing and addressing common challenges and barriers of implementing a linkage to HIV care program.

  • This is an ideal training for administrators and supervisors in community based organizations, AIDS Service organizations, and health care organizations to strengthen management skills and address issues affecting staff working with individuals newly-diagnosed with HIV.
  • The series is also an excellent professional development opportunity for health department staff who support linkage to care programs.

By the end of the Overview webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize the core elements of the ARTAS intervention and how it fits within the national HIV prevention goals and high-impact prevention goals
  2. Describe the key activities in each of the 4 implementation phases for managers to successfully implement ARTAS
  3. Identify where to obtain capacity building assistance to enhance implementation of ARTAS

By the end of Mini-Module 1, "Getting Started - Readiness for Implementation", participants will be able to:

  1. Reinforce their understanding of the goal of ARTAS
  2. Strengthen their knowledge of the strategy's core elements
  3. Fortify their ability to identify their agencies' readiness to implement ARTAS

By the end of Mini-Module 2, "Pre-Implementation - Relationship Building and Integration", participants will be able to:

  1. Describe interagency partnerships
  2. Identify collaborations outside of the agency
  3. Review ways to integrate ARTAS into behavioral evidence-based interventions (EBIs), public health strategies, and biomedical interventions

By the end of Mini-Module 3, "Implementation - Staffing and Supervision", participants will be able to:

  1. Review different staffing options
  2. Examine different strategies to supervise linkage coordinators
  3. Understand organizational capacity needed to supervise linkage coordinators

By the end of Mini-Module 4, "Maintenance - Evaluation and Adaptation", participants will be able to:

  1. Formulate key questions to ask about their ARTAS program
  2. Select relevant ARTAS activities to monitor and evaluate
  3. Recognize when adaptations to ARTAS are appropriate

By the end of the Live Technical Assistance webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe a solution to common barriers in each of the 4 phases of ARTAS implementation
  2. Recognize the organizational supports needed for successful implementation of ARTAS
  3. Identify where to obtain capacity building assistance to enhance implementation of ARTAS

Note: This course does not replace a formal ARTAS training to deliver the intervention. Please check out the HIP Training Calendar for an upcoming training.

Who should take the virtual learning series?

The series is intended for managers and supervisors who oversee ARTAS programs, the Anti-Retroviral Treatment and Access to Services intervention. Participants should have a good written command of English and have competence and comfort with computer and Internet use.



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