The Program

Based on a piloted intervention and scientific evidence, About Us is an innovative healthy relationships intervention that promotes positive adolescent romantic relationships and use of condoms and highly effective contraceptives if having sex. About Us addresses multiple adult preparation subjects (APS), including:

  • Healthy Relationships
  • Adolescent Development
  • Parent Child Communication
  • Healthy Life Skills

The program includes 9 lessons that blend group-based activities with online activities implemented in school-based health centers (SBHCs). In addition to the relationship focus, several other innovations make this intervention unique, relevant to our target population, and unlikely to duplicate programs or services already available. These include:

  1. The use of storytelling as a central instructional strategy;
  2. The integration of technology as a central component throughout the lessons;
  3. A population tailored approach (versus a universal approach) designed specifically for youth with prior exposure to violence and prior experience with romantic relationships;
  4. The use of SBHCs as a delivery setting;
  5. The use of positive youth development principles to promote respect, healthy relationships, sexual consent, communication without abuse, and correct and consistent use of protection to reduce pregnancy and disease risk; and
  6. The application of current principles in developmental neuroscience to guide content and instructional strategies, thereby increasing the likelihood of impact on targeted behaviors and health goals.