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Tamara J. Kuhn

Director of Innovative Program Technology


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Tamara J. Kuhn joined ETR in 2014 as Director of Innovative Program Technology. She is an experienced social scientist, researcher, programmer and web developer who specializes in the conceptualization, design and programming of health and behavioral science technology. She has led complex technology development for more than 30 federally funded projects, receiving research funding from the CDC and the National Institutes of Health, as well as serving as principal/co-investigator on fourteen Phase I and Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) projects.

Prior to joining ETR she was a senior research scientist and vice president at Sociometrics Corporation. Her recent projects included Developing Computer-Based STI/HIV Prevention Interventions for Hispanic Women, an interactive multimedia tablet app HIV intervention, in English and Spanish, adapted from an effective in-person intervention; Adapting the Sista/SiHLE/WILLOW HIV Prevention Trilogy for Black Men Who Have Sex with Men, a modular computer, mobile and in-person prevention program; PsyScreen Sr, a National Institute on Aging funded project to develop a mobile device application that assists health care providers in identifying and using appropriate psychological and behavioral screening instruments designed for use with older adults; and Psychological Tests and Assessment Online Resource, an online test-database that allows users to identify and download the best psychological tests for children and adolescents based on a series of criteria within the custom search and test retrieval system.

Ms. Kuhn received her Master’s degree in sociology, with an emphasis on experimental social psychology, from Stanford University.

Current Projects

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