Sue Potter, MS

Sue Potter

Research Associate III


Sue Potter is a Research Associate/Data Analyst in the Services department at ETR. She serves as project coordinator, lead analyst and/or data manager on various projects evaluating health promotion programs primarily in the area of teen pregnancy prevention and methodological projects conducting secondary analyses. She is particularly interested in evaluation methods and statistics, e.g. group randomized trials, measurement issues associated with teen self-reported sexual behavior, etc. In addition to her primary project responsibilities, Ms. Potter co-leads the department’s DatEval Core. This group sets department standards for data management, data analysis, and evaluation research methods; trains new research staff who will work with project data; and, provides technical assistance to research staff and projects.

Ms. Potter earned an MS in Human Development and Family Studies at the Pennsylvania State University.

Current Projects

  • Project Legacy Evaluation
  • Making Healthy Decisions Evaluation
  • FLASH Evaluation
  • Identifying Risk Typologies and Outcome Markers to Improve Early Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • AIM 4 Team Moms Evaluation


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