Sankari Ayyaluru

Sankari Ayyaluru

Data Manager/Analyst

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Sankari Ayyaluru is a Data Manager/Analyst at ETR. She contributes to the evaluation of health promotion programs primarily in reproductive and sexual health including Project Legacy, MCAH Statewide TPP Training and Evaluation Project, About Us Healthy Relationships Program for Vulnerable Youth, Making Healthy Decisions, and the FLASH Health Project. She is experienced in evaluation methods and statistics, developing survey instruments, managing databases, data analysis and reporting.

Prior to joining ETR, Sankari worked on projects related to HIV testing and treatment, child marriage and family planning in India and Ethiopia, and obstetric violence in health facilities in India. She also contributed to policy focused research on substance abuse prevention and treatment in the United States.

Sankari received her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health from the University of California, San Diego and her Master’s degree in Clinical Research from the University of California, San Francisco.

Current Projects


Ayyaluru S, Shiboski S, Flaherman, V, Diamond-Smith N. Exclusive Breastfeeding Duration among Women who Experienced Mistreatment During Facility Delivery in Uttar Pradesh, India. UC Global Health Day 2018. Poster Presentation.

Katherine A. McClendon, Lotus McDougal, Sankari Ayyaluru, Yemeserach Belayneh, Anand Sinha, Jay G. Silverman & Anita Raj (2018) Intersections of girl child marriage and family planning beliefs and use: qualitative findings from Ethiopia and India, Culture, Health & Sexuality, 20:7, 799-814, DOI: 10.1080/13691058.2017.1383513

Ayyaluru S, Mechanisms for Changing Social Values and Norms: Taking Identified Mechanisms for Change to Scale. Findings from the Child Marriage Decision-Making study in Ethiopia and India. MAMTA Technical Consultation on Adolescent Health and Implementation Science: Achievements, Challenges and Prospects 2016. New Delhi, India. Oral Presentation.

Ayyaluru S, Triplett D, Yore J, Urada L, Massie J, Bowleg L, Raj A. Social and Behavioral Risk Factors Associated with Incident STI among Heterosexual African American Males in Washington D.C. UCSD Public Health Research Day 2016. Poster Presentation.

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