Research Staff

Pamela Anderson, PhD

Pamela Anderson

Senior Research Associate III

Theresa Boschert, JD

Theresa Boschert

Project Director

Shannon Campe, BA

Shannon Campe

Research Associate III

Vignetta Charles, PhD

Vignetta Charles

Chief Executive Officer

Karin Coyle, PhD

Karin Coyle

Chief Science Officer

Jill Denner

Jill Denner

Senior Research Scientist II

Narinder Dhaliwal, MA

Narinder Dhaliwal

Program Manager I

Pamela Jakwerth Drake, PhD

Pamela Jakwerth Drake

Senior Research Scientist

Julie Fasolas, BA

Julie Fasolas

Administrative Specialist II

Regina Firpo-Triplett, MPH, CNC, MCHES

Regina Firpo-Triplett

Director of Educational Innovation

Emily Green, MA

Emily Green

Research Associate 

Stephanie Guinosso, PhD, MPH

Stephanie Guinosso

Senior Research Associate I

Tamara J. Kuhn, MA

Tamara J. Kuhn

Director of Innovative Program Technology

B.A. Laris, MPH

B.A. Laris

Program Manager

Gina Lepore, MEd

Gina Lepore

Project Coordinator II

Louise Ann Lyon, PhD

Louise Ann Lyon

Senior Research Associate

Crystal Mantle

Crystal Mantle

Administrative Assistant II

Erica Marsh, BA

Erica Marsh

Project Coordinator

Elizabeth McDade-Montez, PhD

Elizabeth McDade-Montez

Senior Research Associate I

Seow Ling Ong, MSW

Seow Ling Ong

Research Associate II

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