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Nyasha Bonner, MEd

Nyasha Bonner

Project Coordinator II

(831) 440-2295


Nyasha Bonner is a healing-centered trauma informed education specialist with a focus on program design and implementation. She is currently serving the HEARTS program, where she uses her experience as a former educator and Dean of Student Support to improve school environments toward becoming more trauma informed, racially inclusive, and safe for both students and educators. Nyasha has been working with young people for over 10 years and is committed to continuing this impactful work with the entire school ecosystem. Nyasha received her Bachelor of Science in Public and Community Health, which led her to a place of deep analysis and critique of the social systems we adhere to and began to understand the power of knowledge. She began her teaching career through Teach for America, where she served in Charleston, South Carolina for over five years. She then received her M.Ed. in Academic Accommodation with a focus on neurodivergent learners, which contributed to her passion for trauma-informed practices that center healing, and holistic approaches. Nyasha has had the opportunity to present at several national conferences including the National Center for School Mental Health, Advancing School Mental Health, as well as the National SexEd Conference. She leads a mindfulness group, holds an affinity space for fellow Black coworkers, and is collaborating with others to design a Black Health Equity framework. Nyasha is a dedicated educational advocate guided by hope and rooted in love.

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