Jill Glassman, PhD, MSW

Jill Glassman

Senior Research Associate

831-438-4060, x250


Jill Glassman, PhD, has served as statistician and co-investigator on multiple health risk prevention projects for ETR since 2002. During this time, she has led the design and analysis of multiple group-randomized trials (GRTs) and other quasi-experimental and observational studies. She is currently working with Dr. Elizabeth Baumler, statistician at the University of Texas-School of Public Health, to develop a program of research applying various statistical methodologies (e.g., multilevel mediation analysis) to group-randomized trials of HIV/STI/pregnancy prevention programs to further the science of program development and outcome measurement/evaluation in this area. For example, Dr. Glassman recently had a grant from NIH to conduct secondary analyses of data from four GRTs to help the field more efficiently size school-based evaluations of HIV/STI/pregnancy prevention programs. She currently has a NIH grant to explore ways for improving the accuracy of self-report measures of health risk behaviors.

Prior to joining ETR, Dr. Glassman worked at Columbia University School of Social Work, under Dr. Steven Schinke, in the field of drug and alcohol use prevention in youth. During that time, she also worked with a range of adolescent and young adult clients as a clinical social work intern. Prior to this experience, she served as a biostatistician at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center where her work included the creation of predictive models for advising ICU patients and their families about risks, and an examination of the psychosocial impact of childhood and adolescent cancer.

Dr. Glassman received her PhD in Statistics from Northwestern University and her MSW from Columbia University.

Current Projects

  • Relationships: MS Year 4
  • Keep It Real (South Carolina)
  • Keep It Real (Texas)
  • Project AIM (Children's Hospital Los Angeles)
  • Retirement Research Foundation
  • Inaccuracies in self-report measures of adolescent risk-taking behaviors


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