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Debra Christopher, MSM

Debra Christopher

Ambassador for Health and Learning

(303) 717-2426


Debra Christopher, MSM, is the Ambassador for Health and Learning at ETR. Ms. Christopher leads a strategic initiative to establish ETR as the national leader for research-based instructional practices—those that are current, innovative, learner-centered and pedagogically sound, and that result in the transfer of learning. She is a nationally recognized professional development consultant, specializing in instructional design, training and facilitation skills, and the neuroscience link to learning. Ms. Christopher also serves on the K12T9 Initiative by providing leadership and guidance to the K12T9 Convening Planning Team and by facilitating the annual convening of Title IX Coordinators.

Previously, Ms. Christopher served as the director of the Professional Development Partnership (PDP), a 9-year national initiative funded by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In that role, she led a national team that worked with over 200 leaders from state and local education agencies and non-governmental national organizations to strengthen their capacity to provide quality, evidence-based prevention programs to youth. She has also worked as a health educator/prevention specialist in the Colorado departments of health and education and is a former middle and high school health education teacher.

She earned her BA degree in health education from the University of Northern Colorado and an MSM degree in business management/organizational development from Regis University. She is also a graduate of the National Staff Development Council Academy, a member of the national Brain Matters Leadership Group, and is certified in conducting the MBTI personality inventory.   


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