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Courtney King

Courtney King

Evaluation Specialist


Courtney King is an evaluation specialist at ETR. She has over a decade of combined experience in research, evaluation and STI/HIV prevention. Her primary focus is in evaluation planning, project management, implementation and qualitative methods. Courtney holds a master’s degree in public health and in social work from Washington University in St. Louis, and a bachelor’s degree in community studies from the University of California Santa Cruz. In previous roles, Courtney served as a disease intervention specialist at the California Department of Public Health, conducting contact tracing and connecting individuals to testing, treatment and care for STIs/HIV, and, most recently, Evaluation Manager at the Brown School Evaluation Center at Washington University in St. Louis where she co-led a 5-year RCT impact evaluation of a fatherhood program, and worked across projects related to child-welfare, healthcare access, and STI/HIV prevention.

Courtney currently supports the following projects and initiatives at ETR:

  • B-PHI
  • Black Family Wellness

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