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Increasing Active Support for LGBTI People and Building Personal Resiliency: A Workshop for Activists

A Workshop for Activists

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American Psychological Association

Funding Duration

May 2016 - May 2020 (ongoing development)


American Psychological Association; iPsyNet (international Psychology Network for LGBTI Issues)


Debra Christopher, MS


In partnership with the American Psychological Association (APA) and an iPsyNet (international psychology network for LGBTI issues) core team, ETR led a process to design a skill-building training titled Increasing Active Support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Intersex People (LGBTQI) and Building Personal Resiliency: A Workshop for Human Rights Activists. The target population for the learning process includes 1) psychologists and other similar professionals and 2) human rights workers/LGBTQI community activists.

Considering input and data shared by the core team from their respective sites (South Africa, the Philippines, and the U.S), and using ETR’s Design for Learning process, the team created a comprehensive, interactive, one-day training design to support activists in assessing strategies for supporting LGBTQI people and in building resiliency for the activist. The one-day training includes the following components: 1) identifying strategies for supporting LGBTI people; 2) assessing and refining strategies; 3) planning for action; and 4) strategies for activist self-care and resiliency. Training materials include a detailed training design, participant handouts, and a facilitator’s guide.

The workshop was piloted during the International Congress of Psychology Conference in Yokahama, Japan in July 2016.

Activists from the three international sites then piloted the workshop in their respective sites. The response from the Japan conference pilot and from the respective pilot sessions conducted at the three sites was highly positive. The clear and resounding recommendation, from all groups, was the need for more time for and attention to self-care/resiliency.

The training session materials and support for providing the training can be accessed by contacting APA.

ETR is currently working with the iPsyNet core team, including the original three sites and Russia and Lebanon to develop a stand-alone module on self-care/collaborative care. This module will be available in spring of 2020.

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